Before we left Perth, we visited a couple of sites that I'd like to share.  First we spent a day at the Perth Zoo.  Whenever we go anywhere we always look for a zoo, and Perth has a very nice one.

There was a nice waterfowl exhibit which included Australia's only stork, the Black-necked Stork.  The last time we were in Australia, it was called a Jabiru, bot for some reason they changed the name.

We also auditioned another Wombat...but he probably won't make the cut.

We also saw the Numbat or banded anteater.  The numbat survives in the wild only in a small area of woodland in the southwest corner of Western Australia.   The zoo has a breeding program to try and increase the numbers.

We also visited the AQWA, the Aquarium of Western Australia where we got a view of a large ray that you don't often see...

And Paula got an up close view of the huge sharks...

But the highlight of our aquarium trip was lunch on the quay at Hillary's Harbour!  I had a burger "with the lot"..something I've only seen in Australia!

That's, from top to bottom, an egg, a slice of pineapple, a slice of beetroot, onion, cheese, the burger, and a slice of tomato...Makes my tummy hard just looking at the photo.  Man, was it GOOD!

We've now left Perth and our adventure continues...

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