Our first stop after leaving Perth was Jurian Bay, a couple hundred kilometers up the coast.  Our main reason for visiting there was to see the Pinnacles in Nambung National Park.  We got there fine and set up our tent...and noticed that the wind was blowing pretty steady.  We set off to explore the town and get a bite to eat before settling in at the caravan park for the evening.  On returning to the park, we found our tent in a heap...two poles were broken and there was a three foot tear in the porch netting. It was not a pretty sight!  I did not take a picture.

We got the tent poles repaired after an hour or so of trying to thread that elastic stuff down the fiberglass poles and attempted to get the tent set up once more...but it was not possible.  The wind was too strong.  We packed everything in the car and fled to a nearby motel.  We were not feeling very good at that point.

The next day we decided to check out the Pinnacles...and here they are.

You can find a bit more about the place by checking http://www.australianexplorer.com/nambung_national_park.htm.

The next time we set up the tent was in Kilbarri, a beautiful little town a bit further up the coast.  Everything went fine, and Paula and I stitched up the tear in the netting...and things are now almost as good as new.  This also did a lot to overcome our bad feelings after finding the tent in a heap.  Here's a shot of Paula doing her magic with the needle and thread.

So here's what our whole tent looks like set up at the site we had at Kilbarri...

And here's one of the visitors to our site...

While he looks relaxed at about 14 inches long...when he runs, he stands upright on his (or her) two back legs and scoots along. I think he's a Lash-tailed Water Dragon, but I haven't been able to positively identify him yet.

Australia day is tomorrow...so there will be a big celebration...we're in Geraldton, if you want to look us up on a map

So our adventure continues...

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