G'day, Mates! 'ow ya' goin'? (we're getting into this Aussie speak!)

Well, our trip from Orlando to Perth was not without drama...but I'll save that for another time and suffice it to say that we arrived at our scheduled time.  Unfortunately, our one checked bag with our tent was three days behind!  At least it arrived eventually and we are now set up and enjoying ourselves.  Our car rental went without a hitch, so that was good news.  Now I just have to remember to drive on the LEFT!  THE LEFT!!!

Temp is supposed to be 38 degrees tomorrow...which might not sound too bad...until you realize that we're talking Celsius and that's bloody awful HOT.

We're staying at a nice Caravan Park just north of Perth and have been seeing some of the sites.The first night we were in the park, this fellow visited our campsite.  It's a Galah, also known as a grey and pink cockatoo.

I thought he was a regular in the park, but he was with us that first night and the morning after, and we haven't seen him since.

We visited a wildlife park to get a look at some of the other creatures that inhabit this land...on our way from the car park to the entrance we encountered this unusual bird, a New Holland Honeyeater.  He was snacking on the nectar in the flowers in the hedge leading up to the entrance.

This fellow was in the bush turkey exhibit, and I couldn't resist a shot of him in his FSU garnet and gold colors.

There were several Kookaburras flying about...and laughing...here's one I managed to get close to...

Kangaroos were everywhere, as they are throughout Australia.  Locals consider them a nuisance...but this joey and his mum were too cute not to get a shot of.  He's a little big to get into the pouch, but he still gets his dinner in there!

We promised some friends of ours that we would bring them a wombat, so Paula has begun doing interviews.  This was the first candidate...but we've got five more weeks to keep looking, so I'm sure we can do better.

No visit to a wildlife park in Australia would be complete without a visit to the Koalas.  There were several of them around...none of them very active, as is common with Koalas.

We'll be heading out of Perth and traveling north in a few days...so our adventure continues.

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