We are in Denver visiting with Coralyn and her parents, Lisa and Marc.  On Sunday morning Paula and I were having a bagel and reading the Sunday paper.  We noticed a small article that announced that Barack Obama would be in Denver on Monday and free tickets were available at Obama Headquarters in Golden.  The address was in the paper, so all we had to do was find the Obama Headquarters.

Paula had the bright idea of going by Dakota Ridge RV Park in Golden, where we usually stay when we are dragging our 5th wheel, since they have maps of the area available.  So that is how we found out where the tickets were being distributed...and we got 4, so Marc and Lisa could go along if they wanted to.

So we got up Monday morning and put on our Obama tee shirts and hats and made our way out to the scene of the event.  There was a pretty good crowd there and the warm up acts came on around 11:00 AM.  There was a high school student who did an outstanding rendition of the Star Spangled Banner.

The Governor of Colorado, Bill Ritter, made a few remarks.

Then Barack Obama came out and gave a well received 40 minute talk...It was pretty standard BHO stump speech with a few references to the current economic situation.  I don't think the House had yet voted on the package at the time he talked.  At any rate, the crowd was very enthusiastic with lots of interruptions, cheers and applause.

We had not planned on going to a political rally, since we have both already sent in our Florida absentee ballots.  But, since the opportunity presented itself, we took advantage of it.

Hey, if John McCain or Sarah Palin happens to be in a city while we are visiting, we will probably go and see them too...just out of curiosity!

And our adventure continues...


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