A couple of weeks ago we went with our friends Bill and Jo-Netta Fox to do "A Walk in the Trees" up on Big Mountain in Whitefish, MT. 


The tour takes guests along a 12 inch wide canopy boardwalk suspended up to 70 feet above the forest floor through a canopy of trees including Douglas fir, grand fir, pine, larch and spruce. The age of the trees is generally between 50 and 200 years old, with a few that are more than 200 years old.

Guests wear climbing harnesses and are connected with belay lines to safety cables suspended above the boardwalk where you can view the forest from above. The

It's hard to believe we are nearing the end of our summer adventure here in Polson, MT.  Fall weather has begun to roll in and bring a few chilly nights and a couple of storms...but frequently after the storm we get a nice rainbow like this one, which was right out our front door.

We'll be leaving here around Sept 27 to make our way back to Florida...via Denver, CO and Elm Springs, AR where we visit family.  Because of the increasing cost of diesel, we have decided to leave our fifth-wheel here at Eagle Nest and plan to return here each summer for the next few years. Our plan is to get another fifth-wheel when we get back to Florida and park it on our lot at Wilderness RV Resort in Silver Springs.  Then we will be selling our monster truck and getting a more fuel efficient car.  If you know anybody (Ken??? Bud???) who needs a nice truck to tow a fifth-wheel have them get in touch with us!

We are still excited about our retirement lifestyle and plan to continue to be "RVers" and workampers...we're just not going to haul our trailer cross country any more.  As I mentioned last time, we have booked our trip to Australia/New Zealand for January, February, and March of next year so we are enjoying planning for that adventure.  We've got maps and guide books and have bought a new tent.  We plan to rent a car in Perth and camp around Western Australia for six weeks and then fly over to Auckland and camp around the north and south islands for another six weeks.  Hopefully we will be able to keep all of you involved in our adventures through this newsletter and our website.

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