Earlier this month we drove over to Idaho to take in some of the scenery there.  We stayed in the little town of Riggins, on the Salmon River (also know as The River of No Return), and took a couple of drives off the highway and into the "wilderness."

The gravel road went several miles into the Nez Perce National Forest where we added a new bird to our lists.  We spotted a Lewis's Woodpecker (Melanerpes lewis) at a nesting hole on a snag beside the river.  We never got close enough to get a good picture, although we both had good views of the bird in our binoculars.

Oh, wait...that's not the woodpecker, that's the "Traveling Chicken" posing on the National Forest sign...Here's a picture of a Lewis's Woodpecker...note, I did not take this picture, but wanted to show you what we saw.  We watched the bird for several minutes coming and going from the nest.

After another work session, we did a day trip to the far northwest corner of Montana, to the little town of Troy. You might remember out trip to eastern Montana on Rt 2...this time we went west on Rt 2, which is a much more scenic area.  More trees and mountain views that the flat, eastern side of the state.  Along the way to Troy we took a short detour to Kooteani Falls. Along the trail to the falls we came across a swinging bridge across the gorge.  Paula enjoyed the unusual movements of the bridge as we crossed.

The falls themselves were not as impressive as Niagara, but did present a nice photographic opportunity.

Yesterday we enjoyed a raft trip down the Flathead River, just to the west of Polson.  We joined our friends Bill and Jo-Netta Fox, and their grandson, Bryce, for the three hour float.

That's Bill in the front on the right, with Jo in the center (doing her best Cleopatra imitation).  Paula is on the left, in the hat. Bryce is in front of Paula and behind the heavy-set, bald guy.  Here's another shot of the raft trip...

More photos of the raft trip are on  Picasa at

Also, last week we made bought our tickets for out winter trip to Australia and New Zealand, so it looks like that adventure is really going to happen.  We are both excited about that ... and hope that the speeding ticket that Paula got last time we were in Australia will not be an issue at immigration!


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