It has really been quite a week for us...Last Monday we did the Obama Rally (which I wrote about in my last message).  Then we spent time with Coralyn!

We set up our Wii Fit in the living room and Coralyn practiced her balance routines...Level 5 on the balance board...not bad!

More photos of Coralyn at 16 Months can be found at

We left Denver on Friday and headed across Kansas.  Spent the night in Hays and had dinner at Al's Chickenette (Why was it we went there, Mark???)  Wouldn't recommend it.  On Saturday we headed toward Wichita.   Paula was driving and I directed her to get off at Exit 17 and turn left.  This took us by the Kansas Coliseum where the outside marquee listed Jeff Dunham...

"Oh, look, Jeff Dunham is playing here tonight...and I have tickets!"  Paula was surprised.

That's Jeff (second from the left, above) with Peanut...and Walter, Peanut, José Jalapeño (on a steeek!), and Achmed (the dead terrorist) on the right.

For any of you who may not be familiar with Jeff Dunham, he's a stand-up comedian and ventriloquist...and he is wicked funny.  We had a great time at the show which was mostly new material he is preparing for a Christmas show on Comedy Central.  Lots of videos of Jeff Dunham and friends at's a link to one of them...

To top off the week, on Sunday afternoon we went to see Willie Nelson in Springdale, AR, where he was performing for a Tyson Foods celebration.

We had a wonderful time and headed toward Florida on Wednesday to pick up our "new" 2001 Montana 5th-Wheel which we will park on one of our lots at Wilderness RV Resort...

So, our adventure continues...and gets more interesting!!!


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