Greetings, Friends.

Please forgive the "gmail" address.  I'm stuck behind a firewall and my Outlook will not send SMTP mail from here, so I created a "gmail" account in order to send this weeks news with a photo embedded rather than attached.

We left Tilloo on Tuesday, February 27, and stayed in Marsh Harbour overnight so we could get the early flight back to Daytona Beach.  Everything went well on our return and we were met at the airport by our friend, Larry Goodin, who Paul has known for almost 60 years!

We spent a few days in Silver Springs on an RV site that we bought in an "RV condominium"  development.  Our major objective for those days was to off-load anything that we were not going to need in Alaska so we could get our weight down for that trip.  We put a bunch of stuff in our storage shed in Silver Springs and we are ready to set off on our next adventure. 

We are now in Tallahassee visiting family and friends.

There has not been much to photograph this week, so I thought I would send an interesting shot that we took while on Tilloo.

6:01 p.m. - T-10... 9... 8... 7... 6... 5... 4... 3... 2... 1... We have ignition and liftoff of a Delta II rocket carrying THEMIS -- NASA's revolutionary journey to study the Northern Lights! 


We just happened to look toward the sunset shortly after the rocket had left its mark on the sky.  Later we learned that THEMIS is a mission to investigate what causes auroras in the Earth's atmosphere to dramatically change from slowly shimmering waves of light to wildly shifting streaks of color.  So it was an interesting connection between Tilloo and our next adventure in Alaska

If you would like more information on this mission visit or


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