Well, it’s hard to believe that our time on Tilloo is coming to an end.  We’ve been here seven weeks, and enjoyed every minute of it.  There were no outstanding events this past week…we just kept reading and beachcombing and enjoying the solitude.


I’ve been coming here for 37 years and I must have 2000 photos of the sunset taken from the end of our dock.  But, you know, I just can’t stop myself from taking another shot…every one is unique and I don’t want to miss a single one of them.  We’re in a “bight”…kind of a “C” shaped shallow bay…on Tilloo, so there are some islands between us and the Sea of Abaco.  The sun sets behind these islands and always gives us a real light show.


This is where the sun sets.


This is where we are






Next week we’ll be back in Silver Springs, Florida, for a few days and then in Tallahassee until March 15.  Gotta do those taxes and catch up on bills before we set off on the next phase, North to Alaska!



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