Well, this has been an eventful week…lots of excitement here on Tilloo Cay.


On Monday, we made contact with Mike Cotting, the fellow who launched the message in the bottle.  Here’s a bit of what he had to say,


I have been a seaman for about 30 years and have dispatched around a couple hundred bottles to the briny deep during that time. (I guess that’s a whole lot of wine). I’ve received answers back from about 6 or 7. The shortest was about 3 months and the longest was 11 years. It is always a real thrill for my wife and I to receive one.

For the notes I use a pencil (it doesn’t run when damp) and try to always use the back of an old British Admiralty chart (since they are of good quality paper). Naturally, the bottle has to have a cork (not a screw-on metal cap), so that means a wine bottle.


On Wednesday, my laptop computer was declared dead.  I had done a normal shutdown on Tuesday night, but on Wednesday morning, it would not boot.  Pushing the power button had no affect…no clicking, no humming, no buzzing…nothing!  I took out the battery and put it back in; I took out the memory and put it back in…still nothing.  I let it sit overnight.  Thursday morning, still nothing.  Again, I let it sit in the corner overnight.  On Friday morning, I did a little dance, gave it a stern talking to and a bit of a shake…and VOILA…it booted up.  Amazing!  I have no idea why or how, but it seems to be working now.


On Friday, Marc and Lisa left Tilloo.  It was a little windy and the seas were choppy, so we dropped them in Hope Town and they took the ferry to Marsh Harbour where they got their flight back to the US.  We had a great time with them visiting here for the past two weeks.  We had some beautiful, bright, sunny days and they even got to do some snorkeling in the Pelican Cay Land & Sea Park at Sandy Cay Reef just off the south end of Tilloo. Here’s a photo of them preparing to get in the water…water so blue it makes your eyes hurt!



On Sunday, we had gale force winds (~40 mph) most of the day.  We had to secure the boat and stow some of the stuff we had spread out (we live mostly outside while we are down here).  We spent most of the day inside with our neighbors, Gorge and Kitty Goodloe, watching a DVD (The Crossing…not recommended) and playing Mexican Train dominos (recommended).


Winds have died down today and the forecast is for good weather the remainder of this week.  The good life continues!





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