We've been busy this week catching up with friends and family in Tallahassee and taking care of last minute medical and dental visits before we head to Alaska.  I got an important lesson from our friend, Lou Kellenberger, in how to clean the dust off of the image sensor in my digital camera.  Now I won't have any more of those ugly dust spots in the sky of my photos!

I did get a chance to walk around one of the city parks here in Tallahassee, and take some photos.  Lake Ella is a very popular place for folks to walk, jog, and generally enjoy the outdoors. There is a paved path all the way around the lake…about a half-mile around. I took several photos of the fountains in the lake and the local wildlife, mostly ducks, around the lake. This one is my favorite.  It appears that the seagull is lecturing a very attentive class of turtles.  We can only guess at the topic.

  "It's really easy.  All you have to do is flap your arms."



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