As I said in my last note, we are enjoying our visit to North Florida.  Both Paula and I have family here.  Paula's two sons, Kelly and Liam, and my son Tom and his wife Chrystal, all live in Tallahassee.  We've both been exercising our Grand Parenting skills with Kelly's sons and Chrystal's daughter.

Here are a couple of photos...


Tom and Lexi enjoy the sunshine


Cavin climbs the jungle jim at Tom Brown Park


Ronan exercises at
Tom Brown Park Playground


Daughter Lisa has posted her monthly photo album of Coralyn. You can see it at

We're going over to St Augustine next week.  The Director of the St John's County Library is retiring and we are going to help her celebrate her career.  We'll also be visiting several of our Tilloo Resort & Estates partners while we are on the east coast.  We try to keep busy!


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