The following was sent to me yesterday by my good friend Lou Kellenberger.  I thought that it showed an interesting side of life here in "The Other Florida" (see the 1967 book by Gloria Jahoda...who was the wife of one of my  Library School Professors!)

We are enjoying our Fall here...and staying away from the Lard Pit!



Northwest Florida is more than just college football… 

Here are some photos of what is sure to become a top attraction in the area. (Footnotes at the end)



First Annual
Hog Lard Wrassling Championship

Held at
Savannahs of
Wakulla Station, Florida

No Biting
No Choking
No Tearing Clothes Off


















The white stuff is cooking lard, not snow.  (We do not have snow in north Florida)
Tattoos were not required for entering championship (But everyone had one or more)
Beer drinking by both contestants and fans was permissible (And encouraged…  Bud Light was preferred almost exclusively)
There were lots of motorcycle people in attendance.
A fan sitting next to me commented that this was 'a real class act'… and he was serious.
There were a lot of cameras around…(most were shooting into the sun)
I am still trying to figure out how to get the lard out of my sweatshirt and the grooves in my running shoes.
It appeared that a fun time was had by all.
It gave new meaning to the term "lard ass".
We are so fortunate to live in the great state of

Tomorrow we are going to shoot "mud bogging".

You had to be there to believe this.

Donation to get in…                             5.00
Hogtastic Tee-Shirt …                       15.00
25 Gallons of Lard…                           75.00

Twin Cherub Tattoos on your butt… PRICELESS!!!

P.S. Note the camouflage bra… another fashion statement of the area.




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