I reported that our goal for this trip was to get rid of our "pile of sticks" that used to be our house here on Tilloo.  Here's what the pile looked like when we started the process.

Pile of Sticks

We dug a pit near the pile and used a circular saw to cut up the larger pieces of 2x4, 2x6, plywood, etc., into more bite sized pieces.  Paul set up a shade, got a chair, and fed and watched the fire for several days.


After a couple of days, the pile was getting smaller...but not by much.

King of the Pile

Finally, after four days of feeding the flame, progress was beginning to show and it looked like we might be able to have it all gone before we left the island on March 27.

Smaller Pile of Sticks

Smaller Pile of Sticks

Smaller Pile of Sticks

A couple of days later...almost all gone.

Smaller Pile of Sticks

And, on the seventh day...we rested.  The pile of sticks was no more.  We were both very surprised that we were able to get the job done...and quite pleased with the result.

Gone Pile of Sticks

This week we are enjoying the company of Paula's brother Mike and his wife Andrea, along with Paula's sister, Jean.  They are visiting from Arkansas and Florida for a few days and we are all enjoying the peace and solitude of Tilloo Cay.

BTW, have I shown you pictures of my granddaughter yet?  Well, just look right here to see the latest update to the family album!

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Our adventure continues...


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