We finally completed our work assignment at Tallahassee RV Park last week and now we are relaxing on our island in the Bahamas. All the details as to location, etc., were sent last year, so I will spare you the full explanation. In case you missed last year's message you can find them on our website at

One of our primary activities this year is geting rid of the "pile of sticks" that used to be our cabin. Here's a photo of the pile taken last year.

Pile of Sticks

Hopefully, by the time we leave here at the end of March, this pile will be lots smaller. I got started on it today and managed to cut up several of the long 2x4s into more manageable chunks.

The weather here is great...high today was 26 and the low tonight is forecast to be 24...oh, wait...that's Celsius...the Fahrenheit high was 78 and the low is forecast to be 75!

The other day there was a sailboat anchored in the Bight. Here's a shot of the sunset that evening with the sailboat.


That's all for now...gotta get some rest so we'll be ready for tomorrow's nap!


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