We're finally back at Tallahassee RV Park for our winter vacation.  Since we left here in mid March, we have traveled 20,212 miles.  It'a about 2,000 from here to the Montana-Canada border, and about 3,000 miles from there to Fairbanks, AK.  We did that twice, so half of our mileage was spend just getting back and forth.  The rest of the mileage we burned up poking around Alaska.  It's a huge state so just about anywhere we went was a 300 mile trip, one way, which made it pretty easy to burn up 1,000 miles in a long weekend.  Our diesel fuel consumption was about 650 gallons getting to and from Alaska...that's 650 each way, and we used up another 800 gallons while we were looking around. 


The manager here at TRVP is planning on spending the month of January visiting family in Colorado, so Paula and I will be "in charge" of the park for that month.  Then we will spend February and March on Tilloo in the Bahamas getting psyched up for our 2008 Summer vacation in Polson, Montana.


I took a stroll through the RV park today and here is some of what I saw...



Gulf Frittelary


Gulf Fritillary



Long-Tailed Skipper

Long-tailed Skipper



Zebra Longwing


Zebra Heliconian or Zebra Longwing




Common Buckeye


Common Buckeye

We're looking forward to spending time with all of our family and friends in the Tallahassee Area...We have lots of photos and stories to share, Have I shown you my pictures of my grandaughter???  For those interested in the latest photos of Coralyn, Lisa has posted the 5 month collection.  You can find them at:  http://picasaweb.google.com/lmdbaines



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