We’ve been in Denver for several days and are enjoying the company of Coralyn “Tigger” Baines…and her parents, Marc and Lisa!


We had a great weekend…the Seminoles won, the Rockies won, the Red Sox won, and the Gators and the Yankees lost.  It just doesn’t get any better.  In amongst all the sports watching, we also attended an Oktoberfest celebration on the street where Marc and Lisa live.  Some of the best bratwursts I’ve ever had!  Here’s a shot of the Baines family at the party.





And some other shots of the week’s activity…




Grandpa and Tigger enjoy Cora’s Great-Great-Grandmother’s rocking chair.





Tigger checks out the quilt her Grandpa made for her.





Tigger and Grandma laugh it up.


We’re planning on being in Denver another week…then we’ll continue our journey to Florida.



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