Here a moose, there a moose, …


There are lots of moose around in Alaska.  We’ve seen moose on almost every excursion we have taken.  We haven’t seen any bears yet…maybe next week! 


We saw moose on the Dalton Highway on our way to the Arctic Circle.  We saw them in ponds near Nenana as we flew over in a float plane.  We saw them on Chena Hot Springs Road.




We saw them near the downtown area of the city of Kenai





We saw them along the Richardson Highway on the way to Chitna.  We saw big moose…we saw little moose.




And, while hiking around in various parts of Alaska, we saw lots of “moose nuggets”.  For those of you from the South, this might look like a pile of pecans.  It is not!  These are the winter-time droppings of a passing moose…or a moose passing. 



“Research” has shown that in the summer a moose diet consists of fresh leaves and this produces a “loose moose” dropping similar to a bear.  But, during fall, winter, and spring, moose eat dry leaves and twigs, and the droppings become the well-loved nuggets. Most Alaskan gift shops will have a few nugget items for sale, including: Earrings, Christmas ornaments, key chains, totem pole seeds, perfume dispensers, weather forecasters, figurines, fire starters, and more.  If you go to ebay and search for “moose nugget” you will always find a few items for sale.


Have you ever wondered how many moose nuggets are produced in Alaska every year?  During the 9 months (Sept – May), known as moose nugget months, the average moose produces about 15 deposits per day with approximately 25 nuggets per deposit. At this rate, each moose is responsible for 11, 250 nuggets per month or 101,250 per year.  Now, there are about 175,000 moose in Alaska, so that would be…let’s see…17, 718,750,000.  Enough for every person in the world to own 4!


Well…we’ll leave your 4 nuggets in Alaska to be recycled by Nature, and get on to more important stuff.


We received the following from the Denver clan and pass it along to you for those interested in more photos of Coralyn.



We survived month one of first-time parenthood fabulously - Coralyn is such a wonderful baby!  She's sleeping and eating well and growing as a baby should.  In the last week she's started to smile, follow a moving mobile, and is cooing like crazy.  We are smitten and find ourselves at 5am singing songs to her and simply watching her take it all in.


We've enjoyed all the visitors and appreciate all the support being provided.  Coralyn is a well loved baby!


Here's a collection of photos from her first month with us:





Lisa, Marc & Coralyn”


One more thing and then I’ll let you go for this week.  Today (07/09/07) is the tenth anniversary of our nuptials which took place on 7 9 97 in the beautiful city of Hope Town, Abaco, Bahamas.  See the smiling couple?  Don’t they look young?

It’s been a wonderful ten years, and I look forward to many more…I can’t say it any better than did Lou Gehrig…”Todayyyyy, I consider myselfffff, the luckiesttttt mannnn on the face of the earthhhhhh!”

And, the adventure continues…




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