The BIG NEWS this week is the birth of Coralyn Marie Baines to the proud parents, Lisa and Marc Baines, in Denver, Colorado.  You might remember meeting my daughter, Lisa, and her husband, Marc, back in February when they visited us on our Tilloo Cay adventure.  Coralyn, or Tigger, as I have called her for the past six months, was born on Saturday afternoon, June 2, 2007, around 5:00PM.  She weighed in at 6 lbs 12 oz, and stood about 19.25 inches at her full height.


Lisa and Tigger a few hours later…




The two of them again…Lisa looking much more rested about 24 hours later…



Coralyn, a happy baby, at home, June 4, just after noon.




In other news…Paula and I spent several days on the Kenai Peninsula, mostly in Homer, Alaska.  We’ll save that report for a later time, and just enjoy sharing the good news of the birth of Coralyn Marie Baines.



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