We had a great time with Lisa and Marc in Denver last weekend.  They included us in their plans and we got to meet several of their friends at a Student Art Show and a nice dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant on Friday night.  Sunday morning we met another group of their friends for Dim Sum.  I think most of you might know that Lisa is seven months pregnant so we will have a new grandchild around the end of May!


We left Denver on Monday and traveled to Casper, Wyoming, where we stayed at the Fort Casper Campground.  Turns out Fort Casper was named for a soldier, Lieutenant Casper Collins, killed in the Indian Wars in 1865.  The Army renamed the Plate Bridge Station in memory of Collins.  They called it Fort Casper since there was already a Fort Collins in northern Colorado, named for Casper Collins’ father.


After looking at the weather forecast, we made a dash across Montana to avoid the snow storm that was approaching.  We ran through some flurries between Billings and Butte, but it was not enough to slow us down.  Good thing we kept going…they had 6 feet of snow in the Billings area after we made it through.



Welcome to Polson, Montana.


Some of you will recognize the view from Polson Hill as you approach town.  This is the first view you get of Flathead Lake and the distant mountains.  We’ve been staying with our friends, Joan and Walter Fouty, at Eagle Nest RV Park.  Paula and I worked her for two summers (2004 and 2005) and we plan to come back next year, if they will have us.  It’s a great park where the Camp Hosts work a three day shift and then have twelve, yes, twelve, days off!  Joan and Walter are very nice folks.


We’re off tomorrow morning for the Canadian border, which we plan to cross just south of Calgary, Alberta.



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