Hello, again.


We’re still enjoying the Bahamas.  In addition to reading, eating, sleeping, and…you know…we have found time to do some beach combing. 


Tilloo is 4 miles long and 900 feet wide.  Our property goes across the island from the Sea of Abaco to the Atlantic Ocean. For anyone really interested in exactly where we are, you can find us on Google Earth at N 26° 28.810’ W 076° 59.279’.  We’ll be waving!


Most of the Atlantic coastline of Tilloo is very rocky, but we are fortunate enough to have a nice quarter mile beach where we can get right down to the water’s edge. The locals have called this section “Junk Beach” for years because it tends to collect all manner of flotsam and jetsam, in addition to the usual beach detritus.  Here’s a photo of some of the things we have collected.



For those among you who are not malacologists, I will identify some of the items in the photo.  There’s a nice Sunrise Tellin, some Reticulated Cowrie-helmets, some cone shells (Crown cones and Mouse cones), several Nerites (Bleeding Tooth, Four-toothed, and Tesselate), some Orange Marginella, a Lamellose Wentletrap, a nice Scotch Bonnet, four Flamingo Tongues, four Tree Snails (not from the beach), three Sea Urchins, a small Chiton, a pile of Dove Shells, a Sand Dollar, couple of sponges, a bunch of Cowries, several different kinds of Limpets, and a pile of beach glass.



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