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1962. Graduated Fr. Lopez High School
1966. Graduated St. Mary's College, South Bend, IN
1967. Married Tom Callen
1973. Married John Tate

John & I have been married for 39 years. We have no children together, but John has two children and two grandchildren.

I worked for Wisconsin Unemployment Compensation office in Milwaukee for 5 years as an analyst, and then with John on private yachts for twelve years traveling to the Bahamas every Spring and to New England every Summer, bill fishing and tuna fishing.

John's job as private yacht captain and owner's representative took us to many different locations. Immediately after the 1st Gulf war, we moved to Hurghada, Egypt, on the Red Sea, where we lived for one and a half years. I taught English as a second language. We also had the opportunity to live in Turkey, about 30 miles east of Istanbul, on the Asian side of the Bosphorus. We did extensive traveling while living there, again for one and a half years.

We stayed in the marine business until John retired in 2001 when we moved to Panama City Beach, Florida. Loved all the traveling in our earlier lives, but we are now very happy to NOT be traveling. John plays lots of golf. I go to a gym (believe it or not!) several times a week, and am a puzzle queen! Love crosswords, sudokus, and scrabble. We have two cats and a 29 year old African Grey parrot who has been every place with us!

Mary (Sissy) Stevenson Tate
112 Palm Harbour Blvd
Panama City, FL 32408-5208

(850) 230-8614
sisandjohn AT

In preperation for the 1989 Lopez "Early Years 1960-1965" reunion, the following survey was sent to all class members.

Name: Mary Lucia Stevenson Tate

Address: 1212 Mango Isle, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315

Nickname: Sis

Spouses Name: John Howard Tate


Date of Marriage: 6 Oct 1973

Names of Children/Dates of Birth: (John has 2)

Occupation: Secretary

Spouses Occupation: Self Employed in Yachting Business

Hobbies: Boating, Fishing, Snow Skiing, Traveling

Mrs. Mary (Sissy) Stevenson Tate
112 Palm Harbour Blvd
Panama City, FL 32408-5208
(850) 230-8614