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When I left Father Lopez I attended community college, graduated from the University of Florida and began my teaching career in Ormond and Daytona.

After being introduced to my husband, Sylvan, by (the late) Barbara Breslin life took a different turn. I moved to Miami and have been married to Sylvan for over 42 happy years. GETTING married was the hard part "back in the day," figuring out a Jewish boy/Catholic girl future. {Anyone remember Father Garcia ? :-)}

I retired from teaching Kindergarten after 37 years and have been a volunteer at the zoo for over 25 years. (a pattern here?) Although we don't have children of our own my sister Marcia's ( '61) daughters have filled that role as has our semi-adopted son.

We're focusing more on our love of travel now that Sylvan is also retired (guidance counselor at a visual/performing arts high school). The rest of our time is spent caring for rescued cats - oy! - and attending various arts events.

Sandra Zance Seidenman
15315 SW 167th St
Miami, FL 33187-0809

(305) 233-7086
sandyz03 AT

In preperation for the 1989 Lopez "Early Years 1960-1965" reunion, the following survey was sent to all class members.

Name: Sandra Zance Seidenman

Address: 16212 SW 98 Ave, Miami, FL 33157

Nickname: Sandy

Spouses Name: Sylvan Seidenman

Nickname: Sy

Date of Marriage: 14 March 1970

Names of Children/Dates of Birth:

Occupation: Kindergarten Teacher

Spouses Occupation: Guidance Counselor

Hobbies: Volunteering at Zoo, Travel, Caring for 6 (+-) cats

Mrs. Sandra Zance Seidenman
15315 SW 167th St
Miami, FL 33187-0809
(305) 233-7086