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After graduation from Lopez, I went to the Washington DC area where I met my husband, Gary Keiter and we were married in Alexandria Va in 1965. I attended a satellite campus of Old Dominion University for two years and worked for United Services Life Insurance Company at 17th and Pennsylvania in Washington DC. I saw John Kennedy several times and watched the flag at the White House go to half mast after his death. That was a very sombering experience.

We spent two years in Washington DC when my husband accepted a job with Continental Insurance. I continued working in insurance also, but for Kemper Insurance. We were transferred to West Palm Beach in 1970 and after accepting a job managing an independent insurance agency, we moved to Stuart Fl.

We have one daughter who lives in Orlando with her husband and our only granddaughter. Stephanie is enjoying being a stay at home Mom for now.

My brother graduated from West Point and retired from the military, living in the Washington DC area with his family and my sister and her husband now live in Georgetown, SC. As we no longer have any family in Daytona Beach (my Dad died in 1975 and my Mom died in 2004), we do not get up there very often.

My husband retired in 2007, but I continue to work as an Account manager for RV Johnson Agency, an independent insurance agency in Stuart. Everyone asks when I plan to retire, but I do enjoy working for the time being. I think I will know when it is time to retire.... Believe me, with the insurance situation in Florida, that may be sooner than I think.

Sorry I will not be able to attend our "50" Year Reunion, but we are going to Northern Virginia to attend a sort of family reunion with numerous cousins and to visit my husband's family in Winchester, Virginia. I will be thinking of you all though.

Sandy Schulze Keiter
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