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After graduation, MaryLee married and subsequently divorced Robert Smith, (Stetson) an attorney (U of F) in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.

She has two grown children, Sandra Lee (21 Mar 1963) ( in Ft. Lauderdale/N.C.) and Robert Alexander (22 Nov 1965) (Seattle, WA.) and two grown grand children, Ryan Patrick Carr (16 May 1985) (in L.A. Ca.) Samantha Lee (in N.C. at college) In 1982, MaryLee received a B.S. in Early Childhood Education at Nova University, and enjoyed teaching Kindergarten at Bayview Elementary in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.

From 1991 to 1994 she worked with the Peace Corps in Costa Rica and Jamaica. After that she trekked all over Asia - Cambodia (Angkor Wat), Thailand, Vietnam, and Myanmar.

She moved to Seattle in 1995 to be near her son and his wife. She bought a little house in a suburb called Fremont, but now rents that out and lives in a condo. She loves to go camping all over the Pacific Northwest. Says MaryLee, "It's beautiful out here!"

For a while, MaryLee substitute taught but is now a Nanny and volunteers at a soup kitchen.

She and her family have been instrumental, working with the University of Washington student architects, in building a mobile/portable shower that visits church parking lots where the homeless people of Seattle, who live in campers, can get a free, warm shower. "We have learned so much," she says.

MaryLee has published some prose and is now working on a biography, which is coming along well. She has joined a writing group which meets once a week to read their writings, and those meetings, make her write. She walks almost daily on the beach of the Salish Sea (Native American name for Puget Sound). One great travel time was last year when she went on on a 3 week Riverboat cruise from Budapest to Amsterdam, and it was awesome. They went through 161 locks and the top of the boat , where they basked in the sun had to be folded down every time to get through the locks. She has ancestry in both Germany and Holland and it was wonderful to see her roots, not to forget the delicious wine they were drinking as they passed all the vineyards on the Rhine!

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