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Hard to believe 50 years have passed since I heard those terrifying words "Mr. Huber, come to the office". That usually was Father Molloy or Sister Bernadita. But thinking back, there have been tougher bosses than they were. There are many Lopez memories and I especially remember one instance where Father Molloy asked me, as the student council president, to ask Bishop Hurley when he was visiting Lopez for a day off. I did and we got a day off.

Upon graduation from Lopez, I went to the University of Florida to become an engineer. I did so because that is what Father Molloy told me I should do. Boy was he right. After 5 years there, including 2 semesters of co-op at Warner Robbins AFB in Georgia and 2 semesters of co-op at the Naval Air Station Jacksonville, I graduated with a degree in Industrial Engineering. I also got a private pilot's while in school. I had several job offers all over the United States but chose to go to work for NASA at the Kennedy Space Center.

An interesting note, when I first attended Divine Mercy Catholic Church in 1968 Mass was held in a movie theatre while the church was being built. Upon entering, I met the pastor, Father Molloy. What a shock. He was a wonderful pastor and friend and it was a terrible day on Easter Saturday, 1978, when we heard he had died. He was only 46 years old. The church he built was in the form of a pyramid, the social hall was a sphere, and the school a rectangle. Could this have had anything to do with Father's math and science backgrounds?

At the Space Center I started out as a scheduler and worked my way up to Technical Assistant to the Director of Space Station Operations. There were probably a half dozen different jobs in between including director of a word processing center which produced the procedures for the Experiments that flew on the Shuttles. I also worked on the mars missions and several of the Delta communications satellites. I retired from NASA in 2005. In my final job, I was responsible for processing the Certificate of Flight Readiness and Flight Readiness reviews for the Shuttle payloads. Among several awards, my most special was the Silver Snoopy which was presented to me by the Center Director and one of the Apollo astronauts.

In 1972, I married my lovely wife, the former Kathleen Kleinschnitz. She lived in Melbourne and had graduated from Melbourne Central Catholic. She was an RN (still is) and worked at Holmes Regional Medical Center. Father Caulfield, formerly from Father Lopez, was the priest that married us. One of our wedding gifts was a trip to Europe to visit my German relatives (uncles, aunts and cousins) who all lived in the Bavaria area of Germany. One of my cousins, Peter, was a priest who died recently.

In 1973 we were blessed with our first child, Gary and in 1983; we had our fifth child, Katie. In between came Ann in 1974, Michael in 1980, and Stephen in 1982. Katie, our last, was married first. She attended Ave Maria University near Naples and was married in 2008. She now has three beautiful children, ages 1,2 and 3. Her husband, Brandon, works for a company called Maximus which helps promote Catholic/Christian movies, such as The Way and Courageous.

Gary was married in 2009 and has a lovely one year old girl. Gary works for Ave Maria University and lives in the town of Ave Maria. Stephen, an engineer, was married in 2010 and lives in Orlando. Michael was married in 2010 and has a 3 year old girl and a new baby boy. After 5 grand girls, this was our 1st boy grandchild. He and his wife live in Tampa where Mike is a registered nurse. Ann is also a registered nurse and is actively looking for the love of her life. She recently moved to the Merritt Island area to be closer to family.

In our retirement, we have been busy traveling to visit the children and grandchildren and are blessed to have some timeshares which allow us to travel around. We have spent the past 5 years helping with Meals on Wheels, distributing lunches to home bound elderly. In addition, we have enjoyed doing Mystery Shopping in our spare time.

My parents and sister lived in Port Orange and both parents have died; my father in 2001 and my mother this past January.

I am so glad that God is in charge because his plan for me turned out a lot better than what I had planned. As they say if you want to make God laugh, just tell him your plans.

Gary Huber
460 Belair Ave.
Merritt Island, Fl. 32953

mihubers AT

In preperation for the 1989 Lopez "Early Years 1960-1965" reunion, the following survey was sent to all class members.

Name: Gary Arthur Huber

Address: 460 Belair Ave, Merritt Island, FL 32953


Spouses Name: Kathleen Marie Kleinschnitz

Nickname: Kathy

Date of Marriage: 29 Apr 1972

Names of Children/Dates of Birth: Gary Edward/17 Apr 1973; Ann Marie/20 Nov 1974; Michael Patrick/28 Oct 1980; Stephen Karl/24 Feb 1982; Katherine Elizabeth/8 Dec 1983

Occupation: Engineer - Kennedy Space Center

Spouses Occupation: Homemaker, Home Educator, Registered Nurse

Hobbies: Boating, Family Trips, Computers

Mr. Gary Huber
460 Belair Ave
Merritt Island, FL 32953-6153
(321) 452-5197

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